AL a ‘company of lies, PM herself is its chairperson ’: Rizvi

Staff Correspondent
10 September 2019, Tue
Published: 10:55 Updated: 12:23

AL a ‘company of lies, PM herself is its chairperson ’: Rizvi

Senior BNP joint secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said at a discussion-cum-milad mahfil arranged by the party at its Nayapaltan central office, marking the holy Ashura, on Tuesday (September 10), 
"The Awami League is a ‘company of lies, The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself is its chairperson, Obaidur Quader its advertisement manger while Hasan Mahmud is his assistant."

He said, “People of our country, they understand that the Awami League has taken away robbery of their franchise, freedom of speech and newspapers. But, she (the Prime Minister) will refuse, because she (himself) is robbing, they are also killing democracy. "

Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said, "Honorable Prime Minister, your every step is to spread violence and envy and to ridicule.

Calling Ziaur Rahman a 'symbol of democracy', Rizvi said, "Freedom of expression means Ziaur Rahman, freedom of speech means Ziaur Rahman, sleeping in peace means Ziaur Rahman, rule of law means Ziaur Rahman."

Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said that you (Sheikh Hasina) are now the President of Awami League thanks to generosity of Ziaur Rahman. You couldn’t have remained Awami League President had it not been for Ziaur Rahman. Awami League revived itself through filing an application at that time (during Zia’s rule). But now you’re saying Ziaur Rahman was an illegal president.