Finally Chhatra-Dal Council

Staff Correspondent
18 September 2019, Wed
Published: 10:57 Updated: 10:59

Finally Chhatra-Dal Council

Finally, 6th National Chhatra Dal Council has been started. The council started around 9 pm residence of Mirza Abbas at Shahjahanpur on September 18.

The vote will determine the leadership of the organization known as Vanguard of the BNP as president and general secretary, a member of the standing committee of the BNP and the council officials told Breaking-News, and now all student councilors staying inside of Mirza Abbas's house. 

General Secretary Candidate. Mostafizur Rahman said, "To save the Chhatra Dal from the evil plot of the (AL) government, Tashrik Rahman, a member of the standing committee said that it is the best dicission, to hold decided 6th National Council of Chhatra Dal.

Presidential candidate SM Sajid Babu said, Council is being held in a fair environment.