Tk 9 lakh crore siphoned off abroad: Menon

Staff Correspondent
14 October 2019, Mon
Published: 10:36

Tk 9 lakh crore siphoned off abroad: Menon

Workers Party president Rashed Khan Menon told that at least Tk 9 lakh crores has been siphoned off abroad from the country.

Menon told that as far as I know, more than Tk 9 lakh crore has so far been siphoned off and the previous Finance Minister also accepted that Tk 5.25 lakh crore has been taken out of the country with which a national budget can be formulated.

He said this on Monday with the remarks while addressing Gazipur district unit council of Workers Party at Bangataj Auditorium in the city as the chief guest.

Menon told that the AL Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has become the role model of development, but only 5% people are the beneficiaries of development, those who run casino business are intruders into the party alliance, and loan defaulters, and they make huge money.