Govt pushing country towards ‘grave danger’: Fakhrul

Staff Correspondent
30 May 2020, Sat
Published: 09:43

Govt pushing country towards ‘grave danger’: Fakhrul

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Saturday said that there will be no public holiday from tomorrow (Sunday) and the services of public transport will resume. The government has been making the wrong decisions from the very beginning. It seems that there is no coordination anywhere and their decisions are completely immature, short-sighted, and imprudent.

Fakhrul Islam said that these decisions are being “taken irresponsibly without any thought”. “We think it’s completely a wrong decision which will push the country towards a serious danger.

 Fakhrul Islam said this while talking to reporters after paying homage to BNP founder Ziaur Rahman by placing wreaths at his grave on Saturday, marking his 39th death anniversary.

The BNP leader urged the people to stay home and maintain social distancing to keep themselves protected as the government relaxes restrictions.

The people are worried about the coronavirus situation as both the number of fresh cases and deaths continue to spike.

He said though health experts advised to ease the shutdown in phases, the government is reopening everything at a time, putting the entire nation at risk.

“There’s now no democracy in the country while people’s basic and human rights have been snatched as the one-party and irresponsible government has no connection with people. So, they cannot work for the welfare of the people and they’re inviting danger for the nation by taking various wrong decisions,” Fakhrul said.

On this day of the death anniversary of their founder, he said they have taken a vow to remain beside people and give them support as per their ability at this crisis moment and “pledged to restore democracy”.

Fakhrul, together with some other party standing committee members, placed wreaths at Zia’s Mazar and offered fateha there maintaining social distancing.