‘Start of movement, return home without releasing democracy’

Staff Correspondent
20 July 2019, Sat
Published: 01:46

‘Start of movement, return home without releasing democracy’

Farmers party convener and BNP vice-chairman Shamsuzzaman Dudu said, " movement has start, we will return home only if we liberate the people by freeing the leader and freeing democracy, Inshallah."

He said these things during a symbolic hunger strike demanding the unconditional release of Begum Khaleda Zia, chairperson of the BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia at the initiative of Zia Parishad Central Committee in front of the National Press Club on Saturday (July 20).

He said, "Already BNP has taken to the streets. We have rallied in Barisal to speed up the movement of this road today the rally will be held in Chittagong, In Khulna on the 25th, the stage will be in all sections. Then all the districts will be assembled.''

BNP leader said, "Rape has become a festival in the country. From the children to the old, none of my parents can escape. Can't get out of the house due to lack of security. The women councils in this country, which once had raids across the country for a rape, but sadly they cannot be found now.''

At that time, he called on everyone, "Let's not just go down the road to restore the rights of the people, to bring democracy back to the country, to bring back a prosperous environment, not just for the release of Begum Khaleda Zia."