BCL leader demand Durjoy's expulsion

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27 June 2020, Sat
Published: 10:16

BCL leader demand Durjoy's expulsion

In a Facebook post, Eden Women’s College Chatra League leader Malia Jannat focused on different evil activities of Naimur Rahman Durjoy which tarnished the image of the ruling party, Awami League. According to media reports.

A social media post of a student leader urging Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to expel Manikganj lawmaker Naimur Rahman Durjoy from the party has been viral in internet.

Mentioning appeal to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Maliya wrote that the MP Durjoy made piles of illegal wealth in collaboration with his uncle Tayebur Tupu, Juba League leader Abdur Razzaque, criminal Abul Bashar, ward councilor Bugli Kana and labor leader Kana Babul.

Malia informed that the Durjoy made a second home in Malaysia and Thailand alongside of embezzling millions of money through syndicate of illegal business.

Social media activists also demanded to expel of Durjoy from Awami League to protect image of the party which leading the independence movement of the country.