Tearing budget copy shows BNP’s audacity: Info Minister

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2 July 2020, Thu
Published: 08:41

Tearing budget copy shows BNP’s audacity: Info Minister

Information Minister Hasan Mahmud said that tearing apart of budget copy in front of the parliament is the expression of BNP’s audacity.

Hasan Mahmud said this while talking to journalists at the secretariat on Thursday.

He said, “For the party which killed people with a petrol bomb, it is natural to tear apart budget copy in front of parliament.”

It is not the first time BNP has rejected the budget, Mahmud said adding that they have been doing it for the past 11 years and every time they alleged that the budget is not implementable.

But in the last 11 years, all national budgets have been implemented which reduced the poverty rate by half, raised per capita income threefolds and GDP four times, he claimed.

“They (BNP) alleged that budget was discussed only one day at the parliament when the whole budget session discussed the national budget,” the minister said.

BNP is making the wrong comment as they didn’t attend the budget session, he stated, adding that currently operating parliament session every day is impossible because of the coronavirus situation.

Despite knowing the reality, the BNP is delivering fake and irrelevant comments, he alleged.