Eid jamaats at nearest mosques

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30 July 2020, Thu
Published: 05:12

Eid jamaats at nearest mosques

This year, Eid Jamaats (congregations) on the upcoming holy Eid-ul-Azha, the second largest festival of the Muslims, will be held on Saturday only inside the mosques instead of open spaces in the city as elsewhere in the Upazilas in Khulna to contain further spread of the COVID 19 infection as per directives by the Islamic Foundation.

The two main Eid jamaats (congregations) will be held at Khulna town Jame Mosque here under the joint supervision of Khulna District Administration, Khulna City Corporation (KCC), and Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP).

The first Eid jamaat will be held at 8.00 am at town Jame Mosque in the city. Khatib of the mosque Maulana Mohammad Saleh will conduct the Eid Jamaat while the second and last congregation will be held at 9a m at the same place.

The other main Eid Jamaats will be held at different Jame Mosques including Collectorate Jame Mosque, Khulna Alia Kamil Madrasa Jame Mosque, Newmarket Baitun Nur Jame Mosque, Baitul Aman Jame Mosque, Iqbalnagar Jame Mosque and Sonadanga Baitush Sharif Jame Mosque between 7 am to 9 am.

Besides, Khulna City Corporation (KCC) will also arrange Eid congregations at mosques in its 31 Wards under the supervision of concerned ward councilors and local mosques managing committees.

The devotees and mosque authorities have been asked to follow the health safety guidelines considering the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

During the Eid prayers, one should stand in prayers following the guidelines, set by the Islamic Foundation.

Every devotee who goes to a mosque for Eid prayers must wear a mask and carry their own jainamaz (prayer mat) and tupee (cap) instead of using those in the mosque.

Rolling out of carpets in mosques during Eid prayers are prohibited and the whole mosques need to be cleaned using disinfectant ingredients ahead of the congregations.

Soaps and hand sanitizers should be kept at the mosque entrance for devotees to clean their hands before entering the mosque premises, according to BSS reports.

Social distancing measures and health directives must be followed when standing in the jamaat for Eid prayers following the guidelines of the Islamic Foundation.