6 tips on how to wake up for Fajr prayer

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3 January 2021, Sun
Published: 05:25

6 tips on how to wake up for Fajr prayer

Fajr prayer can pose a difficult task for most Muslims. Detaching ourselves from the comfort of our bed is a daily struggle this winter morning. Sometimes, our bodily needs of slumber outweigh our spiritual needs, especially at the time of Fajr. We are human, after all.

However, if you find yourself feeling guilty about missing Fajr, that in itself is a gift from Allah (SWT) which reminds us that He wants us to keep working towards maintaining a connection with Him which is organic in nature: a connection that needs to be nurtured and cared for. Hence, here are a few steps you can follow to help yourself get out of bed and say your Fajr prayers on time:-

Remind yourself: You are doing this for Allah (SWT)
Before going to sleep, remind yourself why you should get up for Fajr: it is to please Allah (SWT). If we cannot even sacrifice a few minutes of sleep to stand in front of Him, how can we expect Him to grant us ‘sabr’ and strength in our worldly trials and the Hereafter? How can we expect Him to be there for us when we cannot even give up a few minutes of worldly slumber?

Firm Intention
Knowing the importance of waking up for Fajr, you must be resolute in doing everything in your power to fulfill the obligation of offering Fajr and pleasing Allah (SWT). Consciously make the Fajr prayer a part of your daily schedule, just as you prioritize your otherworldly tasks during the day. If you do not consciously intend to wake up for Fajr, every other effort will be in vain. Sleep with the intention of waking up!

Remember the rewards of praying Fajr
Every night, recount the blessings and rewards attached to the prayer of Fajr in order to boost your motivation levels of waking up for the blessed task, as highlighted in the following Ahadith:

“He who observes Al-Bardan (i.e., Fajr and `Asr prayers) will enter Jannah” (Bukhari 9:57).

"He who offers the dawn (Fajr) prayers will come under the Protection of Allah. O son of Adam! Beware, lest Allah should call you to account in any respect from (for withdrawing) His Protection"(Muslim 9:59).

"He who performs Salah (prayers) before the rising of the sun and before its setting, will not enter the Hell” (Muslim 9:58).

Make sincere Dua
Before you doze off, make sincere dua and ask for Allah’s (SWT) help in waking you up in time for Fajr. If you call upon Him, He does not let you down. You would be surprised as to how much more effective a sincere dua can be than a mere alarm clock.

Disable the dreaded snooze button altogether
Do yourself a favor and disable the dreadful feature of the snooze button from your alarm clock, be it on your phone, tablet, watch, etc. If you know, subconsciously, that there will be no snooze options, you can either get up once the alarm rings or just turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. This way, you might just find yourself more aware of your alarms and be more proactive about it, as opposed to repeatedly hitting the snooze button for over an hour and lounging around in bed.

Make it a point to sleep early
This is pretty much a no-brainer: if you sleep early, it is natural that you shall wake up early too, which essentially fulfills your purpose of waking up for prayers and starting the day on a fresh note! If you sleep late, you will feel tired, lethargic and devoid of energy throughout your day. Do not try to cram in multiple activities right before your bedtime because that way, you will end up staying awake half the night. Prioritize and keep your day-end tasks to a minimum so you can sleep early with a clear head. Source: islamicfinder