9 advice of the Prophet (PUBH)

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13 November 2019, Wed
Published: 07:55

9 advice of the Prophet (PUBH)

In a time where his teachings are being grossly misinterpreted, here are some practical pieces of advice from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). These are humanitarian principles, not just Muslim principles, from a man who promoted love, peace and compassion.

Narrated from the Hazrat Abu Hurayra (RA): In a hadith of Mishkat Sharif, the Prophet (PBUH) gave nine admonitions. These are-

1) Fear Allah, openly and secretly.

2) Remember the fear of Allah and speak of justice - Do not forget Allah in anger or joy.

3) No matter, whether rich or poor, they will remain steadfast in Islam.

4) If relatives leave you, do not leave them.

5) You will try to give peace to those who take away your peace.

6) Forgive those who have wronged you.

7) Most of the time, keep silent in God's thoughts.

8) Will continue the ziky of Allah in words and deeds.

9) Wherever you live, you will stay refrained from doing evil and will try to keep others safe from doing evil.