Listening to Quran on radio, blind boy, 5, memorizes it

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4 July 2019, Thu
Published: 02:56 Updated: 02:56

Listening to Quran on radio, blind boy, 5, memorizes it

From the moment of sight, the disabled Husain Muhammad Tahir. That is why, in the hearts of his father to feel sorry for the child. The whole Qur'an, after reading the radio, heard the radio in 5 years, and memorized it. Such a miracle happened in Myanmar.

The Quran Hafez, a 5 year old child with vision, is a rare example. According to Hussein, a resident of Saudi Arabia, who memorized the whole Quran, briefly described his father Muhammad Tahir.

Husain Muhammad Tahir, born in Myanmar, came to Saudi Arabia's Jeddah to his exiled father Muhammad Tahir.

Dad gave his son a radio And in 24 hours, a channel for reciting the Quran has been determined.

Father Muhammad Tahir did not think that he would memorize the entire Quran after listening to his visually impaired child Hussein Radio.

‘I didn't even imagine that this child would benefit from the radio by memorizing the Qur’an,’ he said.

Mohammad Tahir said, ‘he took the child to several teachers and people who had memorized the Qur’an to confirm that the child had completely memorized the holy Qur’an. They confirmed Hussein’s achievement, and said he only needs some lessons in recitation.’

Hussein was admitted to a Qur’an memorization circle of visually impaired children in the Prophet’s Mosque.

‘This makes me forget all the hardships he endured over the years, having been born blind and with some disability in a hand,’ said a thankful Tahir