COVID-19: Hajj money refund from July 12

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24 June 2020, Wed
Published: 05:35

COVID-19: Hajj money refund from July 12

The government's hajj authorities will refund all deposited money received from the aspirant pilgrims for the Hajj of this current season as the Saudi Hajj authorities have declared a ban on outsiders to perform this year's hajj due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak across the world. 

The money will be refunded from July 12 to all registered pilgrims who are unable to go for Hajj. In this case, their registration and pre-registration will be canceled.

On the other hand, the pilgrims who paid for the registration of Hajj this year will be able to take back their money if necessary said the Ministry of Religious Affairs on Tuesday.

If any pilgrim wants to withdraw Hajj money, he should apply online to the ministry. 

The full amount of the applicant will be refunded without deducting any kind of service charge. In this case, his pre-registration will be canceled.