Why do men have to go to the mosque for Jummah?

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26 June 2020, Fri
Published: 10:28

Why do men have to go to the mosque for Jummah?

The Friday Jummah prayer is an obligation on Muslim men because Allah (s) said in the Qur’an:

“You who believe! When you are called to the prayer on the day of Juma (the Friday afternoon prayer), hasten to the remembrance of Allah and abandon the trade. That is better for you if you only knew.” (62:9)

And the Prophet (s) said:
“The Friday prayer in congregation is an obligatory duty upon every Muslim except four; a slave, a woman, a child and a sick person.” (Abu Dawud).

This means that all men must pray the Friday prayer together. If they do so, they earn the reward of Allah (s) and avoid his anger – this is what is meant by the term fard (obligatory).

When does a boy become a man?
In Islam, a boy becomes a man when he begins to have wet dreams and ejaculates. This means a young man who might still be at school, must pray Juma. This also means that a busy businessman would have to rearrange his meetings to attend Juma.

When does a man not have to pray Juma?
Islam says there are exceptions when a Muslim man does not have to pray the Friday prayer. Illness and traveling are two of these circumstances. But

Islam doesn’t just ask people to think about working to earn their living, it also organises their spiritual duties, and Friday prayer is part of that balanced life.

What happens during the Friday prayer?
The Friday prayer replaces the normal noon prayer and takes the form of a short reminder about the purpose of life and then the congregational prayer itself.

Women are welcome and have a right to join if they wish, but women are not obliged to attend.