NASA's eau de space, a perfume that smells just like space, Here how you can buy

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29 July 2020, Wed
Published: 11:28

NASA's eau de space, a perfume that smells just like space, Here how you can buy

NASA has long been working on the "smell of space" in order to help prepare their astronauts with a better real-time atmosphere of what's up there. In the latest development, NASA has come up with a perfume, Eau de Space, which has attracted eager buyers where it’s trial orbit on Kickstarter has raised $516,000 in preorders.

Ever since the astronauts first space walked, they were shocked by the lingering odor when returning back into their spacecraft, reports campaign on kickstarted.

“The only time you can smell space is when you come back in from a spacewalk. As you open the hatch, there is a distinctive smell,” said NASA Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield.

Some describe it as rum, fruit, seared steak, or a BBQ. The first space tourists also noted a pungent aroma once the hatch opened, “like burnt cookies”.

Though not affiliated with NASA, every $29 bottle purchased of Eau de Space will also help support STEM programs for students, through a buy-one-give-one program.

How you can buy the Eau de Space?
Boldy smell like no man has ever smelled before — or at least very few. A new cologne, Eau De Space, has bottled up the scent of the final frontier, giving normal Earth dwellers the opportunity to give off an out-of-this-world aroma without leaving the troposphere. 

The fragrance was originally developed by chemist Steve Pearce for NASA to help train astronauts before liftoff. For those curious what outer space smells like, Pearce used notes from astronauts who described the smell as a combination of ozone, hot metal, and fried steak.

You can buy pre-order the NASA Eau De Space from the The perfume will cost you about Rs 2,100 and the deliveries will start in October 2020.