Big changes on Facebook, check out new logo

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6 November 2019, Wed
Published: 11:11

Big changes on Facebook, check out new logo

The social media giant Facebook's logo has undergone major changes. The blue color Facebook logo will no longer be visible. Different colors are added to the logo.

The news agency Reuters reported that Facebook has unveiled a new logo to distinguish the original company from Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other apps. The new logo will also keep the company separate from the original Facebook mobile app. In this case, the social media logo is much the same as before.

Facebook has unveiled its new logo. In the past, the first letters of the media themselves were written in capital letters and the rest in lowercase tetters, but now all are in capital tetters (FACEBOOK).

On behalf of Facebook, it is stated that the new logo uses custom typography and is designed for clarity. So that the organization and the app can be distinguished by at a glance.
In a few weeks, Facebook will start using new branding in its products and promotion elements. A new official website will also be launched with a new logo.