Chandrayaan-2: India 2nd Moon Mission today

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22 July 2019, Mon
Published: 12:35

Chandrayaan-2: India 2nd Moon Mission today

Chandrayaan-2 mission launch began on Sunday. India's second mission to the Moon, Chandrayaan-2 mission, will be launched, a week after the launch was aborted due to a technical snag in its launch vehicle - GSLV-Mk-III rocket.

India was all set on Monday for Take 2 of its historic moon launch, Chandrayaan-2, scheduled  at 2:43 pm on Monday (July 22). India time.

Last week, Indian rocket scientists abruptly called off the uncrewed moon mission less than an hour before liftoff. They had found a “technical snag,” they said. Scientists later disclosed that one of the helium tanks in the upper stage of the rocket had been slightly losing pressure.

But on Monday, all systems were go for the first-ever mission to the moon’s south pole. India plans to land a remote-controlled lander softly on the moon’s surface near the pole, which it will then explore with a small, six-wheeled rover.

“The low-pressure issue got corrected,” said Vivek Singh, a spokesman for the Indian Space Research Organization, India’s version of NASA. “The mood is perfect.”