First goal is to make connection with players: Domingo

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21 August 2019, Wed
Published: 04:07 Updated: 04:24

First goal is to make connection with players: Domingo

Newly appointed Bangladesh cricket team head coach Russell Domingo talked to the Bangladeshi media for the first time on Wednesday, in a press conference in Mirpur, where he revealed his goals. Russell Domingo said that first goal is to make connection with players.

“My immediate goal is to make some sort of connection with the players, get to know the players and build relationships over the next week or two. I think that’s massively important. Try and gain their trust, see how the players go on with their work, It’s mostly an observatory role in the next few days to see how they go on with their business and take some learning from it.” told Russell Domingo.

Russell Domingo also said that looking forward to it, I can only comment being a coach for South Africa as I have been there for 5 years. There are a lot of expectations there as well and they are always the team to beat. It is the same here in Bangladesh. I am excited. Sort of used to the expectation and pressure. I haven’t been with the team for two years. I have been with the A-side and we travel maybe once a year. I am excited to get going, to work with people and work on cricket and think about selection and strategies. Because once you step away from it like I have for 2 years, you miss it. Even although there is all this, I am actually quite excited. As coaches we thrive in that type of pressure, we enjoy it no matter which team you are coaching. There are expectations. If we knew we will win every single game, it would be the most boring job ever. That’s the most enjoyable part, the pressure that is going to come at you.

He said that South Africa fans are no different. All international fans when your team loses comes hard at you. That’s part of it. I will try to keep the noise away from the team so that they can focus on the next performances and not get too distracted by what the people are writing and saying.