BCB president Papon’s video of gambling goes viral! (Video)

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31 October 2019, Thu
Published: 05:33 Updated: 05:37

BCB president Papon’s video of gambling goes viral! (Video)

A video has reportedly gone viral on popular video sharing website YouTube claiming that Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) president Nazmul Hassan Papon was gambling in a casino.

The YouTube Channel, named BD TIGER & MORE, posted the video on Thursday claiming that BCB chief used to visit casino and gamble.

In the video, a man, resembling to BCB chief Papon, was spotted betting with casino chips sitting beside a gambling board.

Papon (?), wearing a pink T-shirt and having silver colored wristwatch, accompanied by a bald person, was gambling in a silent mood.

However, it has not immediately been confirmed the location of the casino and the authenticity of the video can’t be verified yet. Source: daily sun